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Bruce Lee | celui qui changea la donne

Publiée le 12 juillet 2013 à Neptune à 10 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

''China's original game-changer, the legendary Bruce Lee returns virtually in this special film for Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The latest iteration of the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking campaign sees the brand partnering with game changers who exemplify the Keep Walking spirit. In this instance, the work heroes Bruce Lee. Many people only know Bruce Lee, the martial artist. This film introduces us to Lee the philosopher. The water metaphor ties back to his thinking on instincts - applied both to martial arts and life, encapsulated in his famous quotation, 'Be Water My Friend.'

The film opens with Lee reflecting on a projection of the original 1971 interview when he first spoke those words. He then expounds his philosophy and explains the inspirational attitude that led to his game-changing success. He encourages us to have the courage to express who we are and start living our dreams; in essence to Keep Walking. He finally issues viewers an inspirational challenge: "Because someday you'll be more than a success. You'll be a game changer."

The commercial is directed by Grammy award-winning Joseph Kahn, using a remarkable way of storytelling that utilizes spectacular Computer Graphics technology engineered by the famous production company named The Mill.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a Game Changer within the world of whisky through its rare casks, rare craft and rare character. This prestigious blend has changed the way that people normally appreciate Scotch Whisky -- not by the age statement of the whisky, but by the big and bold flavor within the rich yet smooth liquid.

** Partnership endorsed and supported by Shannon Lee

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Credits: BBH Shanghai
Music: Brain and Melissa ''



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