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The Candy Doll - Abshum

Publiée le 10 septembre 2013 à abshum-comiques à 22 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Are you lonely, sad and dissatisfied? Solve all your life’s problems by buying the amazing CANDY doll!

Candy, the doll that satisfies all your needs!

An ordinary guy leaves his girlfriend and buys a robot-girl instead.

Candy – Maygan Sensenberger
Guy – Pierre Sicard
Narrator – Natasha Jette
Ex-girlfriend – Natasha Jette
Ex-Mother-In-Law – Maddalena Iannitti

Thanks to Bill St. John, Allen Roulston, Laszlo Szijarto, Jennifer Stanhope, Tiffany York-Thompson, John Seed, Harris Nielsen, Martin Paquette, Vanessa Dagenais-Martel, Jessica Martineau, Annik Birnie, Louis Bergogne and others.



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