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Creating A New Horror Routine With Lunar Software - Now Loading Podcast

Publiée le 17 septembre 2012 à thegamernerdz à 88 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Now Loading: The GamerNerdz Podcast
Creating A New Horror Routine With Lunar Software

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Those of you who follow us, know that we've often debated over the state of the survival horror genre in the current gaming industry and recent upcoming games like Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 have been the main source of worry for seemingly moving more towards action oriented gameplay as opposed to the scares of their pasts. Now at Gamescom 2012, among the many titles that were showcased, a certain short teaser trailer caught our attention, and that was for a game called Routine, a survival horror first person exploration game by Lunar Sotfware that seems to return the genre to its roots and at the same time take it to uncharted territory. We're lucky enough to speak with creators Aaron Foster (Developer) and Mick Gordon (Sound Engineer) to unravel the mystery that is Routine, from the unique audio/visuals inspired by the 80s, to the gameplay mechanics, release platform and more importantly the reason behind the floppy disk in the trailer.

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