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"It's A Wonderful Lie" — 100 Years of the Federal

Publiée le 31 décembre 2013 à scandale à 64 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

December 26, 2013

UPDATE 2: In an act of political suppression, the latest mirror of our powerful report on It’s A Wonderful Life has been taken down by Youtube and the video sharing site is systematically removing uploads of our report by hand. This is all the more evident considering that the full version of It’s A Wonderful Life has been available on YouTube for almost two years. If automated “bots” were taking down our report due to bogus copyright claims, they would have removed the full version long ago under a more legitimate claim. Watch the powerful report for free in high quality at

This is purposeful censorship of our report.

Our video report is being suppressed because the banks do not want people to realize that the movie exposes real, modern-day bankster behavior.

The central banks would rather maintain the illusion that prosperity only comes from centralized planning by a tiny elite and worthless paper money forced upon the population.

This is unprecedented censorship and a gross attack on the First Amendment. The central banks want you to stay asleep and believe that it is a wonderful life under their cartel while they strip mine countries across the planet.

We will definitely air the report again on the Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.

See below for mirrored versions. We are leaving the old version that has been censored lower down on this page for documentation. Also, you can watch it for free at



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