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Dave Ash des bleus poudre - québec independence explained to children

Publiée le 16 mai 2013 à Québecfun à 64 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Dave Ash, Québec's Freedom Fighter imported from Texas, explains to a class of fourth-graders why and how Québec should become an independent country. Made a couple of years before the 1995 Québec Referendum. The part of Dave Ash is played by writer-comedian Ghislain Taschereau, an everlasting supporter of Québec's Freedom and Independance. The piece is somehow a response to Mordecai Richler's xenophobic theory according to which Québécois Independence advocators are nazi racists: Taschereau decided to make fun out of this ridiculous propaganda. It's like he's telling Richler: "You want nazi? I'll give you nazi." Radio artist François Pérusse performs the music as well as the schooler's voice.

L'indépendance du Québec expliquée aux enfants. A public service announcement from "Les bleus poudre" !



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