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Sons étranges entendus autour du monde

Publiée le 24 mars 2012 à StrangeWorld à 19 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

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This video finally explains what are these strange sounds which are being heard and reported worldwide.

I've myself heard these sounds by twice at my place in Switzerland, the whole neighborhood have been waken up by a huge sound at around 6:30AM which lasted about 10 minutes, and a second time, at around 3AM but the sound was less loud.

These sounds do not look like anything humanly known, they seem to come from the space and really remind sounds of the apocalypse, trumpets, a signal of departure for something huge.

These sounds have been finally identified in the 2005 movie "War of Worlds", in this movie you can hear exactly the same kind of sounds that have been reported worldwide since recently. In this movie, the aliens have hidden secret spaceships under the ground, these spaceshipes came out from the ground and attack the humans, these spaceships are driven by aliens which goal is to exterminate Humanity. These sounds appear when the attack of the aliens is instantaneous, it's like a signal of rallying for the aliens, a signal for them to attack us and a signal to leave when the job is done....

These sounds which are reported worlwide are synonymous of the instantaneous attack of the aliens on us, there are more and more UFO sightings which are reported worlwide over major cities...and now these doubt that the aliens will soon come (certainly after the planned WW3, which goal is to make us embrace the aliens as saviors and their satanic One World Religion). These sounds are produced thanks to the alien technology which consist in projecting images and sounds in the sky as if they were kind of gods.

The aliens split in different groups and claim to have different races, some are presented as benevolent as the Galactic Federation of Light, and other as malicious as the Dracos working with the reptilians (the illuminatis)....That's the scenario of deception of the devils. You have to know that all these aliens are collectively evil, whetever they say, they ultimately serve the same satanic plan of deception which is to build a fake reality around us, to make us deny our true God and our mission on earth (to obey Allah, God through his Revelations, and the last one, the Quran), the devils want us to believe in their lies and will bring an false explanation for all the matters, they will claim they are godlikes, angels and that we can become just like them...they offer you to become your own god and to deny our Sole God and Creator, Allah. Their story will be opposed to the Truth, the Quran, and they will lead their followers astray...and then will annihilate them once they have sold their souls. (without protection from Allah, the devils have the green light to kill you). The aliens are devils, jinns and humans and other hybrids, they are working under the orders of Satan himself and are implementing the ultimate deception of Satan before the Judgement Day, the ultimate illusions and perdition.

The punishment of Allah is now unfolding: more and more injustices, wars, violences, natural catastrophes,...the coming WW3, and the destruction of the unbelievers by the aliens (the shetans), the Release of Gog and Magog (the army of hybrid demons of Satan living in the hollow earth) and finally the destruction of the entire universe by Allah....then the Judgement Day. The time is short and you really have to make your choice and to assume the consequencies of it.

Your only chance to be saved is to repent to God, to stop your crimes and injustices and disobedience to Allah and to dedicate the rest of your life to your redemption by obeying Allah and the Quran IN EXCLUSIVITY, then Allah will protect you, reward you and forgive you...otherwise, be prepared for your close and certain destruction, and then for Hell forever.

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