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Japan Victim's Tsunami 3-11-2011,Fear & Death,Patrick Stafford Orchestra Tribute.

Publiée le 24 mars 2015 à PSE1 à 1 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Japan Victim's Tsunami 3-11-2011,Fear & Death,"The Lost" Tribute Piano/Cello Theme Patrick Stafford. (Official Main Page)

"The Lost Theme" rendition for Hommage and Tribute. For the Memory's of the 22,000 peoples dye on the day on 11th March 2011 in North East of Japan. Rendition done by my Music Band "Ste-Mary's Quartet" and myself Patrick Stafford.


This Special rendition was possible with help and musical energy from my "Music Team".

Piano-Composer: Patrick Stafford (On Steinway 7')
Main Cello: Chow Ling
Timbales: Paul Logan Junior
String's Back-Up: Ste-Mary's Chamber Quartet

"Our humble Tribute for their lost..."

From all the member's of the Musical Band's and our musical partner's.
14 March 2011.



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