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C'est toute une musique par Monique Leyrac - musique Québec

Publiée le 14 janvier 2009 à retrotvquebec à 962 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

This is a french song that I actually like (I find most songs unpleasant. I'm a cranky bastard, what can I say). The melody is a strange but not unappreciated mix of whimsy and nostalgia. Now that I have finished my pompous opinionating, here's a translation/interpretation (I tried my best to make some of the expressions work).

In everything, at every step, I find a bit of you
It's the song of memory that does not wish to die
It's all a music that speaks to me of you
It's all a music that follows me step by step
It's all a music that comes, that comes back to get me
When I had thought I had completely forgotten
It's all a music that passes through my head
It's all a music that arrives so festively
It's all a music of a time when we were so so sure
To live forever the greatest love (ah, the greatest love)

I hear your voice. I hear your steps. I tremble at every time
They have your voice. They have your steps but it is never you...
It's all a music that brings me back to you
It's all a music that comes back even against my will
It's all a music that stays and that will stay between us, I think, like a farewell present
It's all a music that burns my memory
It's all a music it's all of our story
It's all a music that just breaks up my life and it is this way our greatest love (our greatest love)
It's all a music that grinds in my head
It's all a music like the noise of a tempest
And therein lies my need to hear it even louder because with it I relive our great love, all of our love
(La La La ensues until the end)
I do not own this song nor the picture of the album. No copywright infringement is intended by this video.



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