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Trailer - Stars at War 007 - The Spectrefly Awakens - Abshum

Publiée le 6 mai 2016 à abshum-comiques à 22 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

The amazing trailer of Stars at War 007 is now available...

Peace has returned to the galaxy, but deep under the bed sheets, something sinister stirs.

Our heroes are busy waiting for orders and their drinks.

One of them is unhappy with her lot in life...

New relationships are forged in battle and passion and the passion of battle. Evil grows like an evil weed and becomes stronger, eviler and better looking...

The Stark side of the farce has returned to the galaxy… Helped by Tuna Gray, the Stark Side Master sets up a trap for the members of the Jet Set… including young Puke Lowrider…

Tuna Gray - Vicki Mavraganis
Jenny Valance - Kristin Delcellier
Travis Wesley - Taylor Gilligan
Kim Canadian - Angela Parent
Puke Lowrider - Thomas Jardine
Stark Side Master - Pavel Lubanski
Duke Chong - Patrick Mercurio
Chewtobbaco - Laszlo Szijarto
Cookie McDonald - Martine Berthiaume
Tristan Sale - Mardy Men
Owen Bikini (voice) - Laszlo Szijarto
Dark Pearl - Carla Watkins-Nasreddine

Many thanks to Martin Bruyere, John E. McLenachan, Amber Peters, Mike Thompson, David Friend, Christine Conradt, Andrie Nel, Andre Brynkus, Kevin McMillan, Annie Lefebvre, Vanessa Tanner, Duncan Thompson, Alexandre Cormier, Marcelo Varanda, François Sandri, Jonathan Bellegrade and many others for their great work!



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