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Cleveland Elementary School - Patrick Purdy

Publiée le 26 octobre 2017 à frustrations à 220 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Patrick Purdy

"He was not talking, he was not yelling, he was very straight-faced, it did not look like he was really was as if he was concentrating on what he was doing."

A survivor tells of the blitz.

Patrick Purdy was, no so amazingly, a loner and a drifter. He had slowly been building up a shitty record with the police on drugs charges, robbery and burglary, and was forced to leave his home town, (Stockton, Califoria) because of these charges. He moved to Sandy, Oregon, where he lived quite peacefully with relatives.

Then one day Purdy decided it was time to go home.

He bought himself an AK-47 assault rifle over the counter of a local store. He caught a bus back to Stockton.

Purdy paid a visit to his old school, the Cleaveland Elementary School on January 17, 1989.

At 11.40 am Purdy parked his car outside the school, got out, set it alight, and walked through the front gate armed with the AK-47 and two handguns. He strode like a man on a mission into a classroom and proceeded to randomly shoot at the children sitting behind their desks. While Purdy was reeling of bullets his car exploded outside. Seemingly finished with the classroom kiddies Purdy calmly walked back outside and let loose with the AK-47. Survivors say he was firing the weapon in wide swoops, causing maximum carnage, in all directions. After 130 shots of the automatic rifle Purdey pulled one of his handguns from his waistband and blew a large portion of his head off.

The entire homecoming only took one and a half minutes but in that time Purdy managed to kill five kiddies and injure thirty-nine, six of those seriously.


When the police entered his hotel room after the spree they found an army of toy soldiers around the room. Purdy had been staging his own little war over the past few days.

On the day of his fame, Purdy dressed in camouflage clothing (nutters clothing if ever there was any) and had painted "PLO", "Libya" and "Earthman" on the front of the jacket. To this day no one has a clue what "Earthman" was all about. On the back of the jacket he had written "freedom" and "Death to the great Satin". Poor bastard couldn't even spell 'Satan'. Anyway the phase was taken from the Hezbollah group (a pro-Iranian group) and he had also scratched Hezbollah into the AK-47.

Purdy had fitted his new weapon with a bayonet.

He bragged about being in 'Nam', despite only being 8 years-old when the U.S. pulled out.

All the kids killed were asian.

In April 1987 he tried to hang himself while in prison. He also attempted to slash his wrists with his fingernails.

After the attempted suicide he was placed in a mental-health unit, where he was judged a danger to himself and others. But he was released.

"I'm so dumb, I'm dumber than a sixth grader."

Makes you feel almost sorry for the poor bastard.



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