Publiée le 5 mai 2009
The stimulator explain to you where he stand on the false left-right paragigm, call for the unity of the resistance, explain what is anarchism and more... ENJOY!
The stimulator explain to you where he stand on the false left-right paragigm, call for the unity of the resistance, explain what is anarchism and more... ENJOY!
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Il y a 5 ans
Look on my page just down of my avatar there is a link
"Envoyer un message" wich mean send a message. It will be sent directly to me and will not be public.
Il y a 5 ans
Funny, I just realized that, and did save it exactly as you suggested because it was so so LONG, and actually pretty good, so I didn't want to lose it all. My question is, how do I send a message that is NOT displayed publicly?
Il y a 5 ans
The only message i got is your comment on two videos and the one you left me on my page. I know that "tagtélé" is working on the website at the moment so maybe there's a problem with the internal mail.

Also there is a "time out" on the site wich mean that you are automatically log off after X amount of time and if you press "send message" while you are not login your message just disapear. I suggest you to copy your message on your notepad before sending it.

Look at the upper right of the screen, when you are login your nick name is there. So if after sending your message your name is not there that mean that when you were writing it the site automatically log you off. If it's the case, login and resent your message by doing a copy and paste from your notepad.

I know it's kind of lame but this automatic logoff is there for security reason.
Il y a 5 ans
Did you get the LONG, LONG message I sent you?
Il y a 5 ans
Our health care program is going down (at least in Québec), you have to wait 15-20 hours when you go to the emergency, there are sugery wait list of years and more on urgent case and we don't have enough doctors. Our governement isn't doing anything to fix all the problem, they do the exact opposite!

Why? Because they want to privatizing it. So they don't fix the problem because they want the people to believe private health care is good. Even now if you are rich you will see a doctors and get surgery really fast. But when you use the public system you have great chance of dying early. These bastard make me sick!
Still im grateful to have public health care but im pissed when i look at where it is going...

Me too i hate the pro-ILLEGAL immigrant activist, like you say they are just a bunch of lazy ass profiteer. In my opinion your gov is please with them because they want to create a "sweat-shop" economy right in the US. I hear not long ago that the US gov want to give driver liscence to the illegal, that's fkn ridiculous.
Il y a 5 ans
I currently live in Boston, and they are disgustingly pro-illegal immigrant. Now, I have always felt sorry for the illegal immigrants,and hated the idea of calling any human being "illegal," but these Bostonian wolves in liberal clothing do not fool me one damn bit. They just want cheap labor to do all the jobs that they won't do themselves. PERIOD. For example, they just LOVE snow, but they will not shovel the useless shit, and they look really scared anytime I suggest it. My husband and I became members of a local church here and they wouldn't even mow their damn lawn, so we did it for them and started taking care of the garden. Now, instead of appreciating it, they look at us like we're trash or something, and give us other little "odd jobs" to do. If all the illegals left the country, no, the world would NOT come to a screeching halt, but all the lazy a-holes would have to pay people a LEGAL LIVING WAGE to do their dirty work for them, or God forbid, do it themselves. Americans are too damn lazy, and when we get out of this urban blight when I finish school and get back to our own land, we are NOT sharing our food with these shitheels unless it is tainted with a deadly bleeding eyeball disease. The flu is too good for them. I have never seen such a bunch of whiny, lazy, filthy SOB's in my life--far worse than Canadians, I can assure you. At least Candadians consider health care a basic human right and not just another money-making scheme! Okay, I will go take my Valium now...