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Sam Cooke - I ' ll Come Running Back To You

Publiée le 10 mai 2010 à martien8 à 402 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Le légendaire Sam Cooke nous offre ici la chanson 'I'll Come Running Back To You'

Folks said that you found someone new
To do the thing I used to do for you
Just call my name, I'm not ashamed
I'll come running back to you

Can't sleep goodnight, I can't eat a bite
When youwere mine I didn't sweet your right
Just call my name, I know, I know I'm not ashamed
I'll come running back to you

Just like a king, I've lost everything
I sit all alone on my throne
I've got my pride deep down insdie
I'm yours, I'm yours alone

I try to forget, had no regrets
This love about could always start anew
Just call my name, wooh, I know I'm not asamed
I'll come running back to you



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