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Sane Man (part 1)

Publiée le 24 novembre 2010 à Redpill à 553 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Bill Hicks was the last and the greathest social satirist, the true descendent of comedians like Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Mort Sahl.

His work confronted the hypocrisy of late-20th century American life, divining comedy from the more evil impulses of the government and the mass media while assaulting the soullessness of mainstream culture. Sadly his work is still relevant in our era. Most of his material could have been written yesterday...

His monologues addressed issues of expanded consciousness and spirituality rare to the comedy format; for all of the rage inherent in his stand-up, his message was one of transcendence as he frequently reminded audiences, "The truth will set you free"

Sane Man is Bill's first feature-length comedy concert, produced by Sacred Cow. This little gem captures Bill in his raw element, Austin in 1989. Sane Man preceded Bill's HBO specials and captures a better performance. This is one hour and twenty five minutes of the best Hicks ever.



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