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Absolutely Fabulous - Huntin, Shootin & Fishin 1/3

Publiée le 5 janvier 2011 à K{e{v}i}n à 146 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Series 5, Episode 4.

First broadcast 7/11/03

Eddy has splashed out on a weekend of country pursuits. Arriving at the stately home Patsy and Eddy meet the stern gamekeeper who will act as their guide. They are disappointed to find that hunting and killing small animals is off the menu. Instead they have to make do with a more sedate clay pigeon shoot and a (very) brief horse ride.

Meanwhile Saffy is at home hanging out with her girlfriends - Emma and Sarah. It's not long until Sarah starts to display and unhealthy interest in Emma's fame.

Back at the country pile the great hunters manage to down a pheasant. They take its lifeless body back to their room in triumph. Their slumber that night is interrupted - it seems the pheasant wasn't so lifeless after all.

In Holland Park things aren't going so smoothly either - it seems Emma has acquired a stalker. Can Saffy save the day?

Guest stars:

Emma Bunton (herself), Clarissa Dixon Wright (Gamekeeper).



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