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Absolutely Fabulous - The End - Part 1/3

Publiée le 6 janvier 2011 à K{e{v}i}n à 146 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Series 3, Episode 6.

First broadcast 11/5/95

Eddy and Patsy decide to go their separate ways. Patsy flies to New York to try her hand as a magazine editor. A lonely Eddy joins a commune in search of her real self. Mother is left at home to become addicted to the shopping channel.

Soon both Eddy and Patsy realise that life just isn’t the same without the other. Eddy hires a helicopter to track her best mate down. Fortunately, Patsy has become disillusioned with her new job. When Eddy turns up, Patsy is only too pleased to make a break and head back to London.

Guest stars:

Kevin Allen (Ben), Suzanne Bertish (Gina), Kathy Burke (Magda), Sean Chapman (Sante), Daniela Denby-Ashe (Saffy's Daughter), Mo Gaffney (Bo), Mossie Smith (Diane), Ruby Wax (Candy).



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