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Absolutely Fabulous - Door Handle - Part 2/3

Publiée le 6 janvier 2011 à K{e{v}i}n à 146 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Series 3, Episode 1.

First broadcast 30/3/95

Eddy's kitchen is being rebuilt after Patsy burnt it down with a rogue cigarette. Eddy is determined to make sure her new decor is perfectly co-ordinated.

Eddy treats her seach for the perfect matching door handle as if she were hunting the Holy Grail. She flies on Concorde to New York taking Patsy with her on her quest.

While galavanting round the Big Apple they bump into some rather disreputable characters. Edina even finds time to have her navel pierced. When they get home Saffy reveals that it is her birthday - Eddy has forgotten. Will she be able to rustle up a present?



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