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Absolutely Fabulous - Birth - Part 3/3

Publiée le 6 janvier 2011 à K{e{v}i}n à 146 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Series 2, Episode 6.

First broadcast 10/3/94

Patsy accidentally burns down the kitchen when she falls asleep with a lit cigarette. Everyone is forced to retire to the living room. Saffy is pleased when Eddy and Patsy decide to have a night out as it means she can ask her boyfriend round.

Unfortunately Mother absent-mindedly locks them in. Eddy, Patsy and Saffy are forced to suffer each others company, but surprisingly become introspective about their lives.

Guest stars:

Suzy Aitchison (Nurse), Eleanor Bron (Patsy's Mother), Wolf Christian (Fireman), Philip Franks (Writer), Jane Galloway (Nurse), Christopher Malcolm (Justin), Mary McKenzie (Dancer), Mia Soteriou (Guitar Player).



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