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Absolutely Fabulous - Morocco - Part 1/3

Publiée le 6 janvier 2011 à K{e{v}i}n à 146 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Series 2, Episode 3.

First broadcast 10/2/94

Patsy, Eddy and Saffron head to Marrakech, Morocco for a photo-shoot. Edina and Patsy use the trip as an excuse to shop for ethnic fashions, while Saffron turns her attention to the native inhabitants of the region. However things don't go smoothly and they encounter problems from the moment they arrive.

Patsy is unhappy that Saffy has tagged along. She gets her revenge by selling Saffy to white slave traders. Back home, Bubble disables the company computer...

Guest stars:

Harroun Hanif (Yentob), Karim Skalli (Ali), John Wells (Uncle Humphrey).



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