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Mission Mind Control (ABC Closeup 1979) 03

Publiée le 17 février 2011 à Redpill à 553 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

We can see in this ABC News Special from 1979 what the CIA has been up to, and how they've been corrupted to consider dehumanizing American citizens and the rest of the World as "normal". To learn how to weaken and control people they conducted hundreds of "Nazi'esque" experiments, no surprise since the CIA was founded by hiring thousands of Nazi's after WWII. These included many at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, among other institutions, and "Operation Phoenix", which involved horrible acts of psychological and physical torture against the Vietnamese, and now in the "sequels" in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in Guantanamo and hundreds of other secret prisons.

These are run by "people" who our tax-dollar pay for, and who could just as easily work "here". Our apathetic reaction or even twisted support of these holocaust-worthy crimes is the result of the mind control experiments that have destroyed our character, and we may be ready to be "apathetic about" or "support" concentration camps domestically, as have been announced for immigrants. This also how "good" intelligence agents on the "inside" and other government employees are trained to participate in clearly illegal and immoral acts, such as NSA spying and torture, and to share the elite's disdain for the average "stupid" person who's kept confused and clueless as to how the World really works. This video is from almost 30 years ago, and came to light when the Church Committee was investigating the CIA's hundreds of illegal activities during the Vietnam War.

Just as they were gettting to some serious information, CIA Director William Colby was fired and replaced with George Bush Sr., who up until that point had no CIA experience - in public. In reality he got a cover CIA job coming out of Skull and Bones, and inexplicably to most quickly became Director to stop the Church Committee investigations by refusing the CIA's cooperation. They have introduced a variety of illegal drugs to not only engage in mind control experiments, but to secretly fund their covert activities - e.g. the "War on Drugs is FAKE!", as the late investigative journalism hero Gary Webb irrefutably uncovered. Our willingness to believe the hundreds of lies we're sold on a daily basis has weakened us intellectually and morally, and now we're being fed into the endless meat-grinder of history that is the endless "War on Terror". Let's wake up to HOW we've been put to sleep before we're trapped in this paranoid madness forever...



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