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Wake Up

Publiée le 16 avril 2011 à Initiate à 70 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

What if a place existed beyond the borders of waking and dreaming? Where you are awake and asleep at the same time? This place is not a fantasy. It is called lucid dreaming, the awareness of being in a dream.

This documentary explores the psychological, creative, and spiritual potential of a little known state of mind called lucid dreaming. Lucid dreamers are aware that they are dreaming while remaining asleep. Through this awareness, their mental powers fully awaken, yet they are able to remain in the dream. This dream state is the source of countless scientific, artistic, psychological and spiritual breakthroughs throughout history.

This film features a group of lucid dreaming experts who share their insights, research, and experiences with this fascinating dream state. Share the journey of a handful of pioneers who are exploring the wonders and mysteries that dwell at the intersection of dreams and consciousness.


If you own a dream dictionary please trash it immediately, it's totaly useless. If you are really interested in the symbolgy of dreams, study the work of Carl Jung...

I highly recommend that you start writing a "dream journal", keep it near your bed and write your dreams right after you wake up. With times, not only it will become a invaluable window into your own psyche but this habit will help you remeber your dreams more vividly and easily. It's the first step toward lucid dreaming.

As for "how to" lucid dream there is a lot of tutorial on the web and books about it, try diffrent methods and see what's work best for you.

I personnally experiment with the "timer methods" + dream journal and even tho i didn't achieve complete awarness yet, my experiments have already a beneficial effects on me. Especially the dream journal combine to what i learn from Carl Jung works.

I recommend you start with "Man and his symbols" ou "L'homme et ces symboles" as it's aimed to those who don't know a thing about psychology.



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