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Mushroom Growing Made Easy 01

Publiée le 22 juillet 2011 à Initiate à 70 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Btw the sales of psylocibe spores is legal in Canada...
Just scroogle it! But if you decide to grow your own, just
keep it to yourself and be smart about it! Despite being illegal it's the safest way to get psychoactive mushrooms, you don't have to deal with drug dealers and also you avoid the risk of mistaken a poisonous species for a edible or a psychoactive one.

Plus it's a fun and a very informative process! :D

Just remember to respect the mushrooms, do it in a safe place with people you trust and if it's your first time, do it with someone who already got some experience with hallucinogenic drugs.



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