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Protect IP Act Break The Internet

Publiée le 16 novembre 2011 à Redpill à 553 vidéos S'abonner à la chaîne

Hundreds of sites have been joining American Censorship Day, taking place today, November 16 2011, including the EFF, Boing Boing, Reddit, Creative Commons, Hype Machine, and many, many, many more. The momentum is building really fast!

This day of protest is against a new bill in Congress called 'SOPA' that could pass this month. It would create the first ever United States Goverment website censorship system, using DNS blocking. Sound familiar? It’s the same technology Libya and China use to prevent their citizens from seeing undesirable websites. The bill would chill innovation, create huge
liability for startups, and would set a terrible global precedent for government censorship of the Internet.



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